About us

We cover all areas of North Shropshire and are always keen to hear from new members.

We are a group of volunteers, trained by West Midlands Ambulance Service. A registered charity, we assist the Ambulance Service by responding to emergencies within our local communities.

Community First Responders (CFR) are trained in the initial management of acute medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest and heart attack. We can also manage minor and major trauma. 

Because of the rural nature of some of the areas we cover, CFRs can make a real difference in getting aid to patients quickly. When CFRs are dispatched to an incident, the Ambulance Service always send a crew to back us up.

We are a registered charity and our members take part in regular fund raising activities. 

CFRs are also involved in training local communities in life saving resuscitation techniques.

If a Community First Responder is available and a ‘999’ call is received within a 7 minutes travelling time from their address, the Ambulance Service may pass the details of the case and ask them to respond.

If a Community First Responder is driving to an incident then the Highway Code must be obeyed at all times.

Once on scene the Community First Responder will provide treatment as they have been trained to do until the nearest available emergency vehicle arrives.

2 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Sharon Dean said:

    Do you have vacancies in ellesmere?i am a trained nurse and would like to apply?


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